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At Capitale Hélicoptère Maintenance Centre, our greatest strength lies in our dedicated and qualified crew. Any good team plays to the strengths of its members, and with a combined 85-plus years of experience in aviation, our employees have unique skills and talents.We know that happy employees are productive employees, so we make sure to keep them motivated and stimulated.

Christopher Stapor

Maintenance Manager

With almost 30 years in aviation, Christopher Stapor has served as Capitale Hélicoptère’s maintenance manager since 2010. His mechanical and management expertise have allowed him to thrive in this constantly evolving industry while seeing to the company’s needs. Over the years, he’s put together a rock-solid team to meet our customers’ highest expectations.

Line Lebel

Technical Assistant

Line has been part of the crew for 8 years and has 20 years of experience in aviation, including 9 as a helicopter mechanic. The maintenance crew has a lot of work to do and deadlines to meet—Line’s job is to manage the logistics of it all. Her patience and long experience are a real boon to the team. She’s proactive and thorough, performing all her tasks with great care.

Jean-Philippe Goulet

Team Leader and Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME)

Jean-Philippe is a dedicated and skilled employee who inspires confidence. He started out in the industry as a mechanic, becoming Capitale Hélicoptère’s crew leader in November 2015 after ten years of experience. He was drawn to the challenge and the variety of jobs encountered on helicopters. He’s traveled quite a bit in recent years, his various assignments taking him from one place to another.

Pierre-Luc Tardif

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) and Head of Customer Service

With nearly 15 years of experience and a great aptitude for customer service, Pierre-Luc is a major asset for Capitale Hélicoptère Maintenance Centre. He joined the team in the fall of 2016 with one goal in mind: to ensure the satisfaction of private and corporate clients. Pierre-Luc is hardworking, proactive, conscientious, and has the attention to detail which allows him to satisfy customers’ needs, while earning their trust. From scheduled maintenance to major overhauls, he is prepared to address every challenge that can arise.

François Lévesque

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME)

François has 8 years of experience in aviation, having worked for an air operator in northern Quebec and a major operator in the Quebec City area. Since joining the Capitale Hélicoptère crew in April 2015, he has certainly earned his keep as a resourceful, precise, and proactive employee. François has always had an interest in mechanics, especially when it comes to helicopters—he finds it amazing that a machine can fly around like that with so many parts in motion. François starts every day with one goal in mind—get the work done right and on time no matter what.

François Perron

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME)

François discovered his passion for aviation very early. Further to his studies in aircraft maintenance, he began his career by working as an apprentice mechanic on Beechcraft King Air 100 and 200 airplanes. In 2017, he joined the Capitale Hélicoptère team as an apprentice. The following year, he obtained his M1 aircraft technician license. His dedication, availability and ease of learning make him a key element of the maintenance team.

Jordan Courteau

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME)

Jordan now has 8 years of experience in the field. He began his career as a mechanic for an operator on the Côte-Nord as well as in Quebec, where he was appointed floor manager. In January 2019, he joined the Capitale Hélicoptère team where he works as a licensed technician. Fascinated by the mechanics of helicopters, he likes to roll up his sleeves and tackle the most complex projects, and he is very proud to be able to share his expertise with the team.

Antoine Dechamplain

Apprentice aircraft mechanic

Antoine has been employed with Capitale Hélicoptère since 2019 and is currently training to become an aircraft mechanic. Before choosing this new career, the apprentice mechanic worked in the forestry field, in light vehicle mechanics, and also became a ramp manager in aviation. Passionate about manual work, mechanics, and aviation, especially helicopters, he feels right at home and ready to take on any challenges that will present themselves to him.

Gabriel Trudel-Dallaire

Aircraft maintenance technician/AME

Gabriel joined the Capitale Hélicoptère team in 2020. A licensed technician with 4 years of experience, he always gives his all in everything he undertakes. Meticulous and passionate, he loves the complexity, physical principles, and mechanics that make up his daily life, which is never routine. Always minded to do his job well, he wants to improve his knowledge in order to diversify his field of expertise. He sees a very bright the future before him, as he has always known that the world of aviation was his destiny.

Luc Lacasse

Safety manager/AME

Luc joined the ranks of Capitale Hélicoptère in 2020 as a safety manager/AME. He came to us with a solid background, with 15 years of experience in the helicopter industry. Over time, he has been mechanic, quality controller, floor manager, and maintenance manager. The new challenges that are available to him will allow him to put his supervisory skills, his thoroughness, and his rigour to use. His versatility and support are most appreciated by the team.

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Capitale Hélicoptère Maintenance Centre serves a wide variety of companies and performs extensive helicopter maintenance. It has established a reputation for itself in North America not only for helicopter maintenance but also for rebuilding and overhauling Robinson aircraft.


  • Passion

    Our crew members are driven by a passion for helicopters in everything they do.

  • Commitment

    When you entrust your aircraft to Capitale Hélicoptère Maintenance Centre, our crew undertakes not only to meet your needs, but to answer your questions as well. We make every effort to ensure you get the best possible service.

  • Dedication | Customer service

    All crew members go above and beyond the call of duty to satisfy your needs. They take pride in a job well done and first-rate service.

  • Cooperation

    Cooperation and teamwork are part of Maintenance Centre staff DNA.